International sports experts see padel today as the fastest growing (racket) sport worldwide. Padel is easy to learn and fun - at all skill levels and at all ages! Padel has great potential to be accepted as an Olympic sport in the next few years!

Equally important for the investor is the fact that a padel court (10x20m) takes up about a third of the area of a tennis court (18x36m). This allows a much higher intake / m2 compared to tennis. On request, we will be happy to send you a simplified income / expense calculation.

Once installed, padel courts are extremely low-maintenance (annual sanding of the artificial turf, regular cleaning of the glass panes). Padel courts can be built outdoors or indoors. Since padel courts are easily degradable (and recyclable), they are considered mobile structures and can be financed through LEASING variants.

About us

Courtwall®, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, has built over 1200 squash courts worldwide since 1984. Courtwall® squash courts have always stood for the highest quality, functionality and the best price-performance ratio on the market. European engineering and the manufacture of all components in European ISO certified factories meet the highest requirements of the most demanding customers. Courtwall has also been producing PADEL Courts since 2007. The Courtwall® group of companies has been running its own squash and racket club facilities in Europe for decades, including one of the pioneering padel facilities in Graz / Austria. We know exactly what our customers expect from squash and padel courts - and we build courts "Made for Winners!"


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