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Airdomes and modular pavilion solutions for padel courts

COURTWALL Airdome for padel courts

The first airdome for padel courts in Europe was developed in collaboration with one of the global market leaders for air domes and was built in Vienna in 2023.

The construction is characterized by optimal thermal insulation through special fabrics and the lowest possible energy consumption. Even when outside temperatures are high in summer, the inside temperature rarely rises above 25°C, even without air conditioning. The Airdome is a mobile building that can be reused when moving.

Another advantage is the indirect lighting, which prevents the floodlights from dazzling the players.

Airdome 1
Airdome 2
Airdome 3

COURTWALL roof and pavilion solutions for padel courts

We offer roof solutions in steel construction and heatable pavilion solutions with glued-laminated girders. Both variants can also be equipped with openable side wall elements to give the player an open-air feeling when the weather is good.

Pavillion 1
Pavillion 2

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Courtwall®, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, has built over 1200 squash courts worldwide since 1984. Courtwall® squash courts have always stood for the highest quality, functionality and the best price-performance ratio on the market. European engineering and the manufacture of all components in European ISO certified factories meet the highest requirements of the most demanding customers. Courtwall has also been producing PADEL Courts since 2007. The Courtwall® group of companies has been running its own squash and racket club facilities in Europe for decades, including one of the pioneering padel facilities in Graz / Austria. We know exactly what our customers expect from squash and padel courts - and we build courts "Made for Winners!"


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