Padel is seen from experts as the fastest growing racket sport worldwide in the next 5-10 years! Padel is easy to learn and enjoyable for players on all levels in all age groups! Padel has the potential to become an Olympic sport in future!

Equal important for the investor is the fact that the size of a padel court allows to build almost 3 padels courts on the surface of just one tennis court (36x18m). This allows a three times higher income per sqm compared to tennis. On request we offer to send a simple feasibility study for your project – the return of investment will be below 3 years in many cases.


Another advantage is that a padel court – once installed – does require very limited maintenance (seasonal re-sanding of the artificial grass, periodical cleaning of glass). Padel courts can be installed outdoor or indoors. Please contact us for YOUR project!

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