First-Padel-CourtThe Padel sport was first time ever played 1965 in Acapulco, Mexico, when the billionaire Don Enrique Corcuera built a special tennis court matching the available size in his backyard. The first court in Europe was built in the Hotel Puerto Romano de Puerto Banas in Marbella 1968. From Spain the Padel sport found his way 1976 to the famous „Ocean Club" in Mar del Plata in Argentina, where members built a Padel court. Today in Argentina estimated six Million players playing Padel on over 40.000 Courts. In Spain the padel boom started in the mid 90's. In Madrid you can play on over 14.000 padel courts today, the largest club "Estudiante" has 34 Courts from which 10 Courts are covered by a roof. 2014 Spain is estimates to have over 50.000 padel courts existing.

Spain and Argentina are today the leading nations, but in many countries the Padel boom is now starting like in Portugal, France or England. Courtwall™ started to build Padel courts in 2002 when Germany's first ever indoor court has been built in Halberstadt. The 30 years long well-known quality of Courtwall™ squash courts finds now a continuation in Padel court construction!

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